Announcing Premium Email Service!

Premium Email 

We are thrilled to introduce a new service, Premium Email! BryZar is committed to providing services that improve our clients’ experience with us, and make hosting a website a breeze! This new service is an excellent addition to the BryZar product line.

Premium Email is a Managed Email Hosting service that uses a premium relay, and includes Spamexperts, a tool to help you fight spam. This email service can be set up in only five simple steps. So, what has it got? Here are some features:

  • Free* and paid tiers.
  • Advanced anti-spam filter powered by Spamexperts.
  • Premium relay for better delivery rate.
  • Outbound Anti-Spam filter.
  • Control panel to manage email accounts.
  • Mobile ready webmail.
  • Redundant storage.
  • Offsite backups.

 Free and Paid Tiers 

Server plans include Free Email as a Premium Add-on. You can get more email domains, email accounts, or storage with affordable paid plans.

 Advanced Anti-Spam Filter powered by Spamexperts 

Protect your email and stop attacks before they even reach your inbox. Fight bad bots and spammers with advanced email filtering that can scan your inbound email and block viruses, phishing, and spam.

 Premium Relay for Better Delivery Rate 

Send email with confidence. We deliver your email straight to the inbox. Our outbound mail relay uses Premium Networks to achieve the highest rate and ensure reliable email delivery.

 Outgoing Anti-Spam Filter 

Sleep with ease. Our Outbound Filtering identifies and stops outgoing spam to protect your domain against abusive email traffic and from getting blacklisted.

Easy-to-Use  Control Panel 

The new intuitive control panel lets you easily create email domains and manage email accounts.

 Mobile ready webmail 

Take advantage of the all new redesigned Roundcube. The responsive design will surely make your mobile experience a breeze.

 Redundant storage 

We use redundant storage to protect your data. The storage cluster replicates your data across multiple devices for increased data durability.

 Offsite backups 

In case of disaster we have offsite backups in place. This adds another layer of security and protection for your data. The backups are stored in a remote device to ensure your data is safe in the event of hardware failure or natural disaster.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please send us a ticket from our contact page here (