WordPress: Enabling Jetpack Plugin Auto-Updates

Unless you’ve got the most basic of basic WordPress websites, you’ve likely got a few plugins. They’re nifty little things that’ll help a website run smoother or look better or work in the way you need it to work. Plugins are an absolutely fabulous tool to help make a site go from good to great, but the fact remains that they need upkeep.

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WordPress Support: How do I get it?

No matter how stable your website is, you’re eventually going to need support.  WordPress is a great product, and there are tons of great themes out there and plug-ins that will work seamlessly with your website, but the fact remains that you won’t always have everything working properly.  Maybe the theme you got cut something out or blended it together with another aspect or maybe a plug-in has completely broken your site.  Whatever the reason, you will need support and there’s a few things you should know before going straight to the ‘contact us’ page on WordPress.

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Tips for Safe Upgrading

Whichever script you choose for your website, you’ll most likely find that they will periodically release updates. If they don’t, you might want to find a different script as you do want to be on one under active development. Upgrading your site can be a stressful, uncertain thing if you are new to the process. This article will help provide you tips for creating a safe upgrade process so you hopefully have as little trouble as possible.

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