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WordPress How to: Manage and Register Users

The primary goal of any website is to have visitors.  Nobody makes a website just to be ignored and forgotten, and how your website interacts with those users is very important.  Some sites work better with no sign-ups and simply as a page to read.  Others work with a simple like/comment area, and still more are best when creating a community where users can upload content or post on their own.  Luckily, WordPress makes it easy to work in whatever you need for your visitors.

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Making Money from your WordPress Website

People create websites for one of two reasons.  The vast majority make a website to make money, while others make websites solely to put information into a public space.  We’re going to focus on the former.

Making money using your website is not an easy task.  Ads alone will cover only a small portion of your costs and, unless you’ve got a truly popular website, will never be enough to gain a profit with.

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Setting up a Market on WordPress

Nobody creates a website without a plan to make money from it.  Sometimes the plan is to use ads to generate revenue.  Other times, your money will be coming from a marketplace on your site.  It’s not just a few clicks to create a market and luckily we’re here to give you the tools and guidance to get started right away.

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Backing Up Your Website

Websites are fragile.  Sure, they can be the most stable thing in the world for months at a time, but that won’t last forever.  It doesn’t happen often but hardware can fail, databases can crash or hackers could hack your website  — and that’s when you need your back-up.

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Adding Free Images to your Website

Ever heard someone say that a picture’s worth a thousand words?  A picture can draw out emotion.  It can help explain a problem that otherwise just doesn’t make sense.  There are endless uses for pictures and as such, finding pictures that you can actually use without any legal issues isn’t easy.

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How To: Choose a Theme

Making your website presentable, fluid, and functional is one of the most important aspects of having a successful website.  While some people might not judge a book by its cover, many will certainly judge a website by its homepage.  Choosing a theme might not be easy, but there are some tips that’ll help you decide.

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Changing your WordPress’ Homepage

Your homepage is the entry point for every new visitor and it’s imperative to have your homepage looking great and functioning exactly the way you want.  Luckily, WordPress is a very versatile foundation that allows you to easily move and change things around without needing to know little (if anything) about coding.

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WordPress Support: How do I get it?

No matter how stable your website is, you’re eventually going to need support.  WordPress is a great product, and there are tons of great themes out there and plug-ins that will work seamlessly with your website, but the fact remains that you won’t always have everything working properly.  Maybe the theme you got cut something out or blended it together with another aspect or maybe a plug-in has completely broken your site.  Whatever the reason, you will need support and there’s a few things you should know before going straight to the ‘contact us’ page on WordPress.

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Post or Page? What’s the difference?

On a WordPress website, you have posts and pages.  They both have a lot of the same features but they’re actually very different and learning when to use a page over a post (and vice versa) is an important part of keeping your website looking good and easy to navigate.

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What Plugins Should I Install in WordPress?

WordPress is a great website-builder for everyone from newbies to pros.  It gives developers a stable platform on which to build and it’s easy enough for anyone to learn.  One aspect that some might not know about though is plugins.  Plugins, in short, are just additions to your site that can change how things work.  For instance, if I want my website to have more options for a feature (say registration) then I can search online for a plugin that offers just that.  A single plugin alone won’t completely overhaul your website, but with a few small plugins you can give it a lot more flexibility.

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