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Making an Author Site with WordPress – Intro

We get asked a lot how to make an author website. This tutorial will have several steps to show the process from start to finish to make an author website. As I have a published book, and more coming, this seemed the perfect time to tackle this topic. We’ll publish these as we go, eventually completing the author site and this tutorial.

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How to Build a Strong Consumer Base

No matter if you’re trying to start a commercial website for selling products or services or if you’re just building something as simple as a social site, both mean nothing without having people coming to it. And let me tell you that getting a reliable following for a website is the hardest thing to do. People are fickle and will move on to bigger and better alternatives with the smallest of issues. Luckily, there is a way to help you build your website, and that is through a strong foundation.

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WordPress How to: Manage and Register Users

The primary goal of any website is to have visitors.  Nobody makes a website just to be ignored and forgotten, and how your website interacts with those users is very important.  Some sites work better with no sign-ups and simply as a page to read.  Others work with a simple like/comment area, and still more are best when creating a community where users can upload content or post on their own.  Luckily, WordPress makes it easy to work in whatever you need for your visitors.

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Making Money from your WordPress Website

People create websites for one of two reasons.  The vast majority make a website to make money, while others make websites solely to put information into a public space.  We’re going to focus on the former.

Making money using your website is not an easy task.  Ads alone will cover only a small portion of your costs and, unless you’ve got a truly popular website, will never be enough to gain a profit with.

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Setting up a Market on WordPress

Nobody creates a website without a plan to make money from it.  Sometimes the plan is to use ads to generate revenue.  Other times, your money will be coming from a marketplace on your site.  It’s not just a few clicks to create a market and luckily we’re here to give you the tools and guidance to get started right away.

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