How to Install the WordPress Media Cloud Plugin for Storage

Using an external cloud storage server, such as BryZar cloud storage, is recommended as you can offload your photos, videos, etc and reduce the load on your own server. WordPress doesn’t have a built-in setting for storage options. Hence, the need for a plugin. The Media Cloud plugin is one that we recommend.

This plugin allows you to store and manage your WordPress media on whichever external cloud storage you prefer, and is simple to use and set up. We’ll focus on BryZar cloud storage for this article.

How to Install and Configure Media Cloud for WordPress 

The following are guidelines and are based on BryZar cloud storage. If using other cloud storage, please get the details from your own storage server.

  1. Navigate to Plugins and search for Media Cloud.
  2. Click “Install Now”
  3. install media cloud plugin
  4. Click “Activate
  5. activate media cloud plugin
  6. Skip the next step for allowing notifications.
  7. Follow the on screen instructions – click Next to start.
  8. Choose Minio as the storage provider.
  9. choose minio
  10. Click Next
  11. Fill in the details you were sent when your storage server was set up. Click Next.
  12. enable minio access
  13. Click to Start Tests and allow the storage tests to run.
  14. You should see green check marks and are all set! If not, please contact us.
  15. Please do the additional steps below once the storage is working fine.

Additional Configuration Steps 

  1. Set to delete from storage and delete from server by navigating to the MediaCloud plugin and selecting “Deleting Files” from the menus:
  2. delete menu
  3. Enable “Delete Uploaded Files” and “Delete From Storage” and save the setting.
delete settings for media cloud plugin


“Enable cloud storage” should be on. This is the first thing to check if you aren’t seeing your files uploaded to your storage server.

enable cloud storage for media cloud plugin

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Announcing Premium DNS

 Premium DNS 

Premium DNS is a Managed DNS Hosting service, and a great tool for easier management of your DNS (name servers, txt records, mx records, etc). It also provides lightning fast DNS propagation!! That, in itself, is a reason to choose the Premium DNS, as no one wants to wait for propagation. You can set it up in just three easy steps.

Advanced Features

  • Anycast DNS with more than 30 data centers on 6 continents
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Web-based dashboard for easier management
  • Managed DNS Hosting
  • Unlimited DNS queries
  • Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS
  • Dynamic DNS
  • All types of DNS records
  • DNS Statistics
  • Export and Import DNS zones
  • Web Forwarding
  • TTL as low as 60 seconds
  • DNS Failover

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us ( we’ll be happy to assist!

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