Black Friday & Cyber Monday 80% OFF Promo! Managed VPS @ $2.50/month!

It’s that magical time of the year again when you can save, save, save!! BryZar Web Services is offering a wonderful Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on select Managed Cloud VPS hosting.

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Announcing Premium DNS

 Premium DNS 

Premium DNS is a Managed DNS Hosting service, and a great tool for easier management of your DNS (name servers, txt records, mx records, etc). It also provides lightning fast DNS propagation!! That, in itself, is a reason to choose the Premium DNS, as no one wants to wait for propagation. You can set it up in just three easy steps.

Advanced Features

  • Anycast DNS with more than 30 data centers on 6 continents
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Web-based dashboard for easier management
  • Managed DNS Hosting
  • Unlimited DNS queries
  • Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS
  • Dynamic DNS
  • All types of DNS records
  • DNS Statistics
  • Export and Import DNS zones
  • Web Forwarding
  • TTL as low as 60 seconds
  • DNS Failover

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us ( we’ll be happy to assist!

How Does Net Neutrality Affect You?

If you’ve come to read this blog, chances are high that you either have a website already or are thinking of starting one.  Chances are also high that you’ve at least heard mention of net neutrality and how it was recently reversed.  So here’s the big questions — What is net neutrality?  Will it affect me?  Will people be able to find my website?  Will my website still load properly?

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WordPress Security: How can I keep my Website Secure?

Security is an issue not only in the real world but also online.  From emails to social media to even your own website/s, you want to make sure that nobody is breaking into your personal things.  We want to make sure of that too and that’s why we’ve decided to help out a little bit.  Below you’ll find some good tips for keeping your WordPress site more secure.

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