WordPress Security: How can I keep my Website Secure?

Security is an issue not only in the real world but also online.  From emails to social media to even your own website/s, you want to make sure that nobody is breaking into your personal things.  We want to make sure of that too and that’s why we’ve decided to help out a little bit.  Below you’ll find some good tips for keeping your WordPress site more secure.

Keep things updated

WordPress, just like any other script, software, or OS, needs updates.  Many updates deal with closing security holes and are absolutely necessary to keeping your site safe.  Making sure your WordPress is always updated is the first step.

You also need to make sure you update your passwords, though.  The most common way for hackers to break into your site is through stolen passwords.  The best way to combat this?  Change your password to something totally random every six months.  More than ten characters is recommended, with a host of capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

Lastly, make sure you’re paying attention to who’s hosting your site.  Looking for the cheapest hosting company out there might save you a little money but it also might cost you a whole lot more.  Look at reviews of hosts or ask more knowledgeable people before jumping onto a host. BryZar hosting utilizes the most current technology for security.

Look into your plugins

Plugins are another important thing you have to pay attention to when designing and maintaining your website.  There are a host of good plugins out there to beef up your site’s security.  Again, make sure you look into reviews and maybe ask someone before selecting one.

Speaking of plugins, you also need to make sure any other plugins you decide to use are safe.  Plugins, after all, are also vulnerable to hackers and must be updated just like your WordPress.  Make sure before you use any plugins that you’re getting something safe and secure.

Be wary of inside sources

Before you give someone a way into your Admin Panel, make sure you know exactly who you’re dealing with.  NEVER give admin panel access to someone you aren’t absolutely positive is safe.  On that same note, always make sure to take away access after.  Don’t just leave admin accounts lying dormant for over a year, as that’s just a perfect target for anyone looking to break into your site.

Security is important and a hacked site could be a whole lot worse than just a few users leaving — it could be the end of everything you’ve created.  Hopefully though, thanks to these tips, you won’t have to worry about that at all!