Website Startup Tips

Starting a new website could very well be the best decision of your life. It could lead to more income, more connections with like-minded people, or just more happiness in your life. It can be a fantastic decision for you or your business. Websites can be a great idea, but there’s also a lot of things that can go wrong. Luckily, some common pitfalls can be avoided with a little advice and planning.

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How to Build a Strong Consumer Base

No matter if you’re trying to start a commercial website for selling products or services or if you’re just building something as simple as a social site, both mean nothing without having people coming to it. And let me tell you that getting a reliable following for a website is the hardest thing to do. People are fickle and will move on to bigger and better alternatives with the smallest of issues. Luckily, there is a way to help you build your website, and that is through a strong foundation.

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Backing Up Your Website

Websites are fragile.  Sure, they can be the most stable thing in the world for months at a time, but that won’t last forever.  It doesn’t happen often but hardware can fail, databases can crash or hackers could hack your website  — and that’s when you need your back-up.

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Adding Free Images to your Website

Ever heard someone say that a picture’s worth a thousand words?  A picture can draw out emotion.  It can help explain a problem that otherwise just doesn’t make sense.  There are endless uses for pictures and as such, finding pictures that you can actually use without any legal issues isn’t easy.

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How Does Net Neutrality Affect You?

If you’ve come to read this blog, chances are high that you either have a website already or are thinking of starting one.  Chances are also high that you’ve at least heard mention of net neutrality and how it was recently reversed.  So here’s the big questions — What is net neutrality?  Will it affect me?  Will people be able to find my website?  Will my website still load properly?

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Saving Money on Your Website

Websites are not cheap.  It’s just a fact.  They take hard work, time, and yes, money.  More than likely, you’re just like everyone else and you’re trying to keep your website functioning while working an actual job that pays your bills.  Luckily, your website doesn’t have to be a huge drain on that income of yours.  There are ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on your site!

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Should I Start a Website?

On our site we’ve got lots of great tools and tips for those already invested in creating, updating, and improving their existing website/s.  What about those of us that have yet to decide whether we want to invest our time and money into making one?  It’s certainly not an easy project nor is it one that you’ll only spend a few minutes to get started.

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Content Creation: Why it’s Important and Necessary

Imagine Facebook with all its members but not a single post.  Pretty boring, right?  The same is true for any site.  YouTube without any videos, Instagram without a single picture, Twitter without its tweets.  Without content, sites are nothing but a blank piece of paper, and that’ll hold a new user’s interest for all of four seconds.  If you want to have a successful site, you need content, and more than likely that means you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.

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Spam got you bogged down? Here are some tips for identifying and reducing spam!

Spam is a hassle.  It’s unwanted, useless, and even slows down your site if left unchecked.  There are a lot of different types of spam, too.  From the obvious “get rich quick” scams to the user-generated “You’ll die if you don’t repost this” stuff, spam comes in many shapes and sizes.  Luckily, identifying what is and isn’t spam and dealing with it is something we can help with.

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Starting a Website Series

Starting a website can be an exciting time. You have ideas for the name, features, and a goal for what you want your site to be. Our series for Starting a Website will help take you through the process of  planning, creating, managing and all the other aspects of getting your website from an idea to a live site.

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