Saving Money on Your Website

Websites are not cheap.  It’s just a fact.  They take hard work, time, and yes, money.  More than likely, you’re just like everyone else and you’re trying to keep your website functioning while working an actual job that pays your bills.  Luckily, your website doesn’t have to be a huge drain on that income of yours.  There are ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on your site!


The first and most effective way to save yourself some money is to start spending more time on your website.  Learn about your website.  Look at tutorials online about how to change it the way you want rather than paying other people to do the same.  Trust me, it’s not all that tough!  A couple hours a week and you’ll know how to change your banner, create new posts, and mange your comments.

Of course, if you’re on a limited budget and you’ve got no extra time then you can’t really use this option, so what can you do?

Look for cheaper options

Good hosting companies are hard to find and good, cheap ones are even harder.  Luckily, Bryzar is here to help.  With our services starting at only $5 a month, it’d be tough to find anyone out there cheaper and nearly impossible to find one with better service.

Hosting isn’t the only area you can cut a few bucks, though.  Perhaps you’ve got a particularly good web domain name and really need cash.  You can sell the domain and get a different one at a fraction of the cost.

Consider Advertisements

Everyone and their mother knows that many websites out there include advertisements.  It’s just a good business model and one that generally doesn’t detract too much.  The key here, if you are going to include advertisements, is not to overdo it.   I will never stay on a website that has the entire border filled with advertisements, nor one that has pop-up after pop-up.

Include just a couple of advertisement blocks at most and keep in mind what your website is about.  If you focus on videos then having advertisements with sound is going to be a giant pain for users.  The same is true of flashy and otherwise annoying or even pornographic images.  Keep your audience in mind when including advertisements.

Lastly, this is less about saving money and more of a helpful reminder — be ready to reverse changes if the need arises.  When you add advertisements, change hosting, or start updating your website, pay close attention to your views and members.  If membership suddenly drops off then you need to determine whether your changes have affected it.  Your users are your income and so first and foremost you have to find methods to save money while also keeping your membership high.  It’s not always easy, but hopefully with our help you’ll find it a little easier.