Why choose WordPress?

As with any purchase, people want to know they’re getting the most bang for their buck.  They want a product that works, one they can understand, and one they can rely on.  While WordPress isn’t a perfect product, because nothing truly is, it’s definitely one of the top choices and currently my top pick for designing a website both quickly and without much hassle.  So, why might you want to choose WordPress?

It’s stable

The number one reason you should look further into using WordPress is because it’s stable.  The last thing anyone wants is for their users to run into a dozen different bugs from a glitchy or broken script.  Thankfully, WordPress is constantly being updated with fixes and patches for the very few bugs that remain.

It’s easy to learn

WordPress doesn’t require you to know a single thing about coding!  It also doesn’t require you to know much about websites in general.  Its menus and admin panel are very user friendly and, while that could hinder some people from customizing to the extent they wish, it’s great for new website owners to learn with.

It’s also easy to learn how to do more thanks to the many tutorials out there, including some on this very site.  WordPress is currently the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and thus has a multitude of different people, companies and groups making tutorials to help you.

Its popularity also has other benefits

Being so used means that there’s a huge amount of people making various add-ons and plug-ins for WordPress as well.  These will help give you added customization, themes, support, and more.  Be wary, though.  Not every plug-in out there is safe and some might even bypass the security of your website.  Be very careful when choosing which plug-ins to add to your site and try to do some research before you do.

Being popular also means that they’ve got widespread support with many hosting companies and integrate well with them.  This is great for when you need support as issues can often times be tough to spot if companies are unfamiliar with each other. BryZar Managed Cloud Hosting offers low cost WordPress hosting.

When it comes down to it, the choice remains yours.  WordPress is a great tool for some but honestly might not fit your needs.  Maybe you want your own custom site or perhaps you’re more interested in other platforms for your content.