WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin by WPForms

As WordPress doesn’t have an SMTP setting, you’ll need to install a plugin in order to use SMTP. That’s where WordPress Mail SMTP by WPForms comes in. Let’s delve into why you need it and why this particular plugin is our focus today.

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WordPress Website Insights with the Google Site Kit Plugin

Google Site Kit is an official plugin by Google for WordPress. This plugin provides a one-stop solution for insights into how people reach your site, search terms used, page speed and optimization, tag manager for marketing tags, and more.

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Setting up a Market on WordPress

Nobody creates a website without a plan to make money from it.  Sometimes the plan is to use ads to generate revenue.  Other times, your money will be coming from a marketplace on your site.  It’s not just a few clicks to create a market and luckily we’re here to give you the tools and guidance to get started right away.

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What Plugins Should I Install in WordPress?

WordPress is a great website-builder for everyone from newbies to pros.  It gives developers a stable platform on which to build and it’s easy enough for anyone to learn.  One aspect that some might not know about though is plugins.  Plugins, in short, are just additions to your site that can change how things work.  For instance, if I want my website to have more options for a feature (say registration) then I can search online for a plugin that offers just that.  A single plugin alone won’t completely overhaul your website, but with a few small plugins you can give it a lot more flexibility.

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