Making an Author Site with WordPress – Adding Content

This is the eighth article in our Making an Author Site with WordPress series. We’re almost done with this series and you should be well on your way to having your site done.

Earlier on, you made menus for your site and one of those menus was for Articles. When you add content, it’s important to choose the category or categories that you set up for Articles. This will help keep everything neatly sorted for your readers. You’ll post these articles in the Posts >> Add New section. For format, I choose “Standard” which sets it in a standard blog format.

It may be tempting for you to use an RSS importer to get some articles from other sites just to beef up your content. This is a bad idea. Those articles are already on the net and your readers may have already seen them. Also, search engines such as Google tend to frown upon duplicate content. Avoid RSS imports at all cost.

Since your site is an author site, it’s best for you to write your own content. Let your readers get to know your writing style and viewpoint. You can use some popular SEO terms to help boost your site in the search engines. Just remember to make the article of good quality and don’t throw SEO terms in just to have some in there. That will actually work against you and your site could even get “Google banned” which means it would receive unfavorable ratings and most likely be removed from Google.

If you aren’t sure what to write, there are some great writing prompt plugins that can provide some inspiration. Have a go at one of those and see how it works for you. Perhaps check the news headlines and write an editorial. Writers tend to have lots of ideas swirling around. You can even start a story teaser and get feedback.

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