Making an Author site with WordPress – SSL Security

This is the third article in our Making an Author Site with WordPress series. If you already have SSL, you can skip to the next section linked at the end of this article.

All modern browsers these days require you to have an https secure website. This is done via an SSL security on your server. There are many places to get an SSL certificate and some hosts even provide them.

We recommend Let’s Encrypt and BryZar Web Services makes it very easy to enable your SSL for your website. If you use BryZar’s WordPress hosting, all you have to do to enable the free Let’s Encrypt security is to click a button! Easy peasy!! You can also use other SSL certificates on our hosting . Whichever you choose, definitely get one before you launch your site.

The result of not having an SSL certificate installed is an ugly warning in the browser which will scare your users away:

SSL warning in browser

Best to avoid a situation like that and install the SSL certificate ahead of time.

If you need to change your WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS, just go to Settings > General Settings and change the URLs there.

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