New ISPmanager 6 Control Panel Update


We hope you are doing well.

Recently, ISPmanager announced changes to their billing system. As such, we have had to update our pricing for the ISPmanager control panel. Effective May 10, 2021 new servers will have various options for the server control panel. The new ISPmanager 6 will be a paid addon with new pricing and tiers.

Clients with Ten or Less Domains

Clients with 10 or less domains can choose ISPmanager 6 Lite or Virtualmin for no extra cost. You can also choose ISPmanager 6 Pro or Host for additional cost as shown below. The upgrade will start on or before June 1,2021 in batches. For those that want to change now, please send us a ticket.

Clients with More than Ten Domains

Clients with more than 10 domains can choose to upgrade to either ISPmanager 6 Pro, ISPmanager 6 Host, or Virtualmin. You can opt to stay on ISPmanager 5 until December 1, 2021. After that date, you will be automatically upgraded to ISPmanager 6 Pro or Host depending on the number of domains you have at the additional cost below.

Vesta Panel

For those clients using Vesta panel, you will be migrated to Virtualmin at no additional cost starting on June 1, 2021 unless you choose a different panel before that date.

ISPmanager and Virtualmin Panels

  • ISPmanager 6 Pro (50 domains) = $12
  • ISPmanager 6 Host (unlimited domains) = $19
  • Virtualmin (unlimited domains) = Free

To get familiar with Virtualmin in case you want to use it, please read our documentation .

We know this change may cause some concern and questions. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist, . We greatly appreciate you and your continued business.


BryZar Management Team