Starting a Website – Site Focus

Previously, we posted an article about Starting a Website – Features, which focused on choosing features for your website and how to tell which you really need and which you don’t. This article continues the Starting a Website series and focuses on Site Focus.

You might get asked, what is your site niche? It might be a term you’ve never heard before. A site niche is the focus of your site. As there are so many websites online today, it’s important to choose a focus, or niche, for your site in order to be successful getting subscribers, members, followers, etc.

If you have no idea what to focus on, only that you want a website, this article can help you find a good focus or at least point you in the right direction. To help you narrow down, or find, your focus (niche), ask yourself the following questions. Perhaps get a paper and pen (or use a spreadsheet on your computer) and write the questions and then your answers.

1.) Is there a need that isn’t being met?

An example could be a medical need. Perhaps an informational or support site for people that have specific medical needs or afflictions. Another example is a cooking site for specific regions.

2.) Do I have a special hobby that would be of interest to others?

Hobbies can make great sites, either as social networks where hobbyists get together, or as instructional sites with tutorials. Fetish sites can also generate a huge amount of interest.

3.) Is there a service that is needed?

Perhaps you have services that you can offer to others, or perhaps you and a group of people do. You could make a site focused on the services you offer and also get others that do the same to be on the site too. This would be a business focused site to earn money or perhaps offer charity services. Service sites can easily be made with WordPress or Drupal or many other scripts. Angie’s List is a good example of a site with a service focus.

4.) Are educational topics lacking online and a need for it?

Many people love to learn new things. This could be a great niche for your website. If you have special training in something, some expertise, perhaps start a site to teach others that same thing. In many cases, people will pay for the right training. Just make sure it is quality learning material.

5.) Are there area specific resources needed?

Perhaps your town needs a social site or informational site. There are even some countries with little online presence but still with internet access. A site geared towards a specific region can generate interest not only from people in that area, but also from people that moved, that may want more info on the area, or that might want to relocate or vacation there. You could even earn from well placed and well planned advertisements that are focused on the same locale.

6.) Will it serve to entertain in ways not done or not done well?

Entertainment is a big draw. People want to be entertained no matter the economy. In many times, when there were bad economic times, game sales still stayed steady. It was one of the industries that didn’t decline during a recession. As such, entertainment sites can also do very well. Gamers, musicians, artists, photographers, etc – all sorts of sites can be made for entertainment for those sorts of folks.

Once you have a focus for your site, be sure to research your competition and see what different things you can bring to the table for your users. Don’t copy the competition as that already exists on their site. Make your site unique with features and content. Make sure you put quality, relevant content on your site to really show the focus.

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