Why Staying Logged in Can Ruin Your Website

We’ve come into world that constantly becoming more and more intuitive, simple, and easy. We can pay with credit cards now instead of cash. We’ve got websites for everything from information to games to music. And we’ve got systems that allow our browsers and computers to stay logged into you account even after you exit it.

Unfortunately though, for your own website especially, it’s dangerous to stay logged in and especially to the back end/admin area of your website.

What makes it dangerous?

There’s more than just one thing that can make staying logged in dangerous. For starters, anyone will be able to physically use your computer and browser to log on and do anything they want.

It’ll also make it easier for hackers to break in as well as there’s a constant connection leading straight from your computer to the admin panel.

Lastly, your passwords can actually be extracted from browsers rather than trying to break into the website itself.

How can I fix this?

Simple answer is to stop saving passwords and turn off any auto-login options. Write down passwords physically someplace for yourself or make them ones you can very easily remember but would be hard for others to crack.

You can delete your passwords from most browsers, reset cookies, and change ones that you think might be vulnerable.