How to: Write Good, Attractive Posts

One of the hardest things in getting a website not only high up in search engine rankings but also interesting to users is writing posts. It’s hard to know what users want just as much as it’s hard to know what search engines like. Luckily, there are a few good tips that’ll help you write the best posts you can!

Keep things relative.

The absolute most important thing is to keep things based around one topic. In general, you want that topic to be at least loosely based around your website, too. One good example is:

You own a website about the value of a variety of cars. You decide to write a post about how to determine appropriate values. Writing about those values is good. Writing about finding similar cars’ prices is good. Suddenly going off on how you love their engine or how trucks can carry more is bad. While search engines will pick up keywords, which can be a positive, users will lose interest in the article.

Add keywords naturally.

Keywords are words that help search engines categorize websites appropriately. Going back to the car example, if you write about cars often then search engines will recognize it. This is also true the more specific you become. If you write about Toyota the most often, then searches with Toyota and cars will find your website more quickly.

Now, to capitalize on keywords, you want to add them when appropriate. The important thing in this topic is to do it naturally. Search engines WILL pick up on people adding keywords nonsensically and they will report your website as spam.

Listen to your users.

Don’t only listen, though. Answer questions. Engage with your readers and users. Be as much a part of your website as anyone else because, if you’re not interested in it, why would anyone else be?

On that same topic, don’t be scared to add to previous posts or even make corrections. The important thing is to get the right information out there.

NEVER copy other posts.

This is another of the most important things you need to remember. While getting inspiration from other posts is definitely a positive, you never want to copy even a single paragraph from other websites. It might sound like a good idea for your website to get picked up, but search engines will absolutely find out and mark your website negatively because of it.

That’s not all. Users also don’t want to see the same information they just read on other websites.