Making an Author Site with WordPress – Getting Followers

This is the ninth article in our Making an Author Site with WordPress series. We’re almost done with this series and you should be well on your way to having your site done with some good content for your followers.

Previously, you added content to your site. Hopefully, you continue to add more new content as this is how you’ll build and keep your reader base – your followers.

Readers or followers subscribe to blogs that have fresh content for topics they enjoy or are interested in. As long as you keep your WordPress author blog on topic, you should see a steady rise in followers once it starts getting shared and appearing in search engines based on your tags, categories, and article titles.

There are some great tools for sharing to social media as well. I love the Buffer app. This nifty tool allows you to schedule your social media sharing, shorten urls, check your SEO and views. It also allows you to pick or upload an image to go with the shared content. Plus, you can add relevant hashtags to help with Twitter, Facebook and Google + . You’ll want to keep your Buffer stocked with articles from your blog and sharing at set intervals in order to grow your followers not only on social media sites but also for your blog.

Add a subscribe option to your blog so that your readers can get updated when there is new content. I use Jetpack for this but you may find other tools as well. Just try to stick to highly rated plugins as many can be heavy or poorly coded.

Stick to what you know. Your readers will appreciate the fresh content and that’s where the sharing starts. Once you have gained their attention, readers tend to share their “finds” on social media. Word of mouth is the cheapest and best advertising method to fit in any budget. It can also be the downfall of your site if you post junk content just to boost SEO. Remember your audience when posting. Do what you do – write as an author. The rest will take care of itself. 🙂

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Author: Donna

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