Scheduling WordPress Posts

A great feature of WordPress is post scheduling. This is a wonderful tool! You can make several posts and have them scheduled for when you want them to go live. This can help make it look like there is activity each day, week, month, or however you want it. Here’s how to schedule a post.

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WordPress Startup Tips

WordPress is a great script to use for your blog. As with any website, there are some recommended steps when setting it up. Here are a few things you might want to do in order to get your WordPress site set up so you don’t have issues later.

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Starting a Website – Theme and Style

When starting a website, the site design is an important factor to consider. How easy a site is to read, navigate and use are very important to your readers, members and followers. This article will give you tips to use when choosing your website’s theme or style.

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Starting a Website Series

Starting a website can be an exciting time. You have ideas for the name, features, and a goal for what you want your site to be. Our series for Starting a Website will help take you through the process of  planning, creating, managing and all the other aspects of getting your website from an idea to a live site.

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Starting a Website – Domain Names

“It’s all in the name” is an expression that is actually quite relevant for businesses and websites alike. With websites, the wrong name can be a killer for getting subscribers or users. It can also be a liability if you choose something that is copyrighted/trademarked such as Facebook©™ has done.

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Starting a Website – Planning

Planning your site can be the most important step you do. This article will give you tips and suggestions to use when planning your site. It is part of our Starting a Website series.

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Tips for Safe Upgrading

Whichever script you choose for your website, you’ll most likely find that they will periodically release updates. If they don’t, you might want to find a different script as you do want to be on one under active development. Upgrading your site can be a stressful, uncertain thing if you are new to the process. This article will help provide you tips for creating a safe upgrade process so you hopefully have as little trouble as possible.

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Starting a Website – Site Focus

Previously, we posted an article about Starting a Website – Features, which focused on choosing features for your website and how to tell which you really need and which you don’t. This article continues the Starting a Website series and focuses on Site Focus.

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Starting a Website – Features

Starting your own website can be exciting! You have plans and dreams, goals and a vision for what you want it to be. No matter the type of site you want to create, there will be specific features you want or require for your site. This article, which is part of our Starting a Website series, will help you plan your features and avoid a common mistake new webmasters make – overloading their site and users with too many features. Sit back, get comfy, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and read on for the details.

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Five Free Ways to Promote Your Website


Promotion. That’s a very important word if your website is to be something other than a closed off site (only accessible to family or specific people). Most websites are either regionally accessible or world wide and hence, need promotion in order for users to find the site. This article should help you find different free ways to promote your website.

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