Moderation Required: How to Moderate Comments on your WordPress Website

As with any online content where feedback is allowed, moderation is required.  This is especially true when feedback is visible to the public.  Users can berate others, swear at them, post malicious links, or any number of things.  Bots can also be a problem with your comment section as they try to get people to their sites (usually to scam them).  Moderation might sound like a long and arduous process, but in reality it can be made very easy even for websites with thousands or hundreds of thousands of users.  Okay, maybe hundreds of thousands might not be that easy, but it’ll at least be easy to understand!

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WordPress Feature: Managing Media

In your Admin Panel on WordPress, you’ll find the Media tab about halfway down.  What’s there?  That’s where you’ll store all your videos and pictures under 2MB.  It’s not just for storage, though.  It’s also easy to find, delete, and edit your media content.

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Why choose WordPress?

As with any purchase, people want to know they’re getting the most bang for their buck.  They want a product that works, one they can understand, and one they can rely on.  While WordPress isn’t a perfect product, because nothing truly is, it’s definitely one of the top choices and currently my top pick for designing a website both quickly and without much hassle.  So, why might you want to choose WordPress?

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Should I Start a Website?

On our site we’ve got lots of great tools and tips for those already invested in creating, updating, and improving their existing website/s.  What about those of us that have yet to decide whether we want to invest our time and money into making one?  It’s certainly not an easy project nor is it one that you’ll only spend a few minutes to get started.

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WordPress Security: How can I keep my Website Secure?

Security is an issue not only in the real world but also online.  From emails to social media to even your own website/s, you want to make sure that nobody is breaking into your personal things.  We want to make sure of that too and that’s why we’ve decided to help out a little bit.  Below you’ll find some good tips for keeping your WordPress site more secure.

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WordPress Highlight: Posts Part 2

So, we’ve talked about the options, tabs, and buttons up at the top of a post here.  Now, let’s talk about the right side of your “post” screen.


The first section on the right side of your screen is the “publish” section.  It’s pretty straight forward but there are a couple important things to help out with.  Let’s start from the top.  Save Draft does just that.  It saves your draft.  Preview lets you see what the post will look like when it’s posted, which is particularly helpful when playing around with image sizes, fonts, etc.

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WordPress Highlight: Posts Part 1

Content is king.  As any of us might know, without content, your site is nothing more than a template.  It’s a plain white room without paint, decorations, or anything to give it any life.  And, surprise, very few people want to sit in a white room for more than a few seconds before leaving — and that’s true of a content-less site, too.

So, what’s the best way to add content?  Post!  Specifically, let’s talk about posting in a WordPress site.  It’s easy, truth-be-told, but that doesn’t mean you know about everything you can do with a post or that you’re even making the most of them.  As such, I decided to give you a rundown of posts and I recommend you open up a new tab in your WordPress Admin Panel so you can follow along easily.

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Learn About WordPress User Roles

User Roles are an important feature in a WordPress site. If you are going to be managing your site yourself, you’ll want to learn about user roles.

A Role defines the tasks and permissions that users have on your website. If you have any issues with spam, limiting user access via User Roles is one way to control that.

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Spam got you bogged down? Here are some tips for identifying and reducing spam!

Spam is a hassle.  It’s unwanted, useless, and even slows down your site if left unchecked.  There are a lot of different types of spam, too.  From the obvious “get rich quick” scams to the user-generated “You’ll die if you don’t repost this” stuff, spam comes in many shapes and sizes.  Luckily, identifying what is and isn’t spam and dealing with it is something we can help with.

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Scheduling WordPress Posts

A great feature of WordPress is post scheduling. This is a wonderful tool! You can make several posts and have them scheduled for when you want them to go live. This can help make it look like there is activity each day, week, month, or however you want it. Here’s how to schedule a post.

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